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Allison & Eric: Engagement Photos in Denver

More often than not my couples ask me for suggestions on the best locations for engagement photos, which I am more than happy to give them.  Luckily, we live in an amazing city with lots of options so it’s usually pretty easy to find a spot that fits their particular personalities and life-style.  I like to suggest that we take the photos someplace that has special meaning to them, whether that is someplace they like to spend time together, or perhaps the place they got engaged, if appropriate and local.  Aside from that, I also have favorite places that have worked well for me in the past.  If a couple is looking for an urban landscape, I usually suggest Riverfront Park in lower downtown Denver, where within a short walk there are bridges, benches, interesting architecture, a river, stone steps and walls, as well as some natural landscaping options with trees, grass and flowers.  I also like photographing in Civic Center Park in upper downtown where there are large stone pillars, interesting statues, and art installations.

On the other hand, if a couple is looking for a more rural setting, there are lots of favorite locations to choose from.  My top three favorites are probably Red Rocks in Morrison, Standley Lake Park in Arvada, and Chataqua Park in Boulder.   I have recently found a great spot in Golden called Clear Creek History Park that has lots of cool old barns and cabins that work wonderfully as backdrops.

That said, I am always game for a new location too.  At the end of the day, the engagement photos are going to be more about the couple and their love and energy together than the location anyway.  And while it certainly doesn’t hurt anything to have great backdrops, I tend to shoot primarily with long lenses which focus on the expressions and emotions of the couple while throwing background details out of focus.

Allison and Eric live in the city and wanted an urban location for their engagement photos since their wedding is going to be in Estes Park where we will be working with a mountain setting.  We choose to meet at Riverfront park, but instead of the usual loop around the park that I do with people, we went in a different direction and found lots of great new spots to use.  Truly, we are lucky to live in such a beautiful city!  I can basically walk around any block in the city and depending on the time of day and the light find interesting and unique places to take photos.  I am so excited for Allison and Eric’s wedding this coming October at Taharaa Mountain Resort.  I will be working with one of my favorite coordinators, Ann Marlin, from Cloud 9 Weddings & Papers, and given the beautiful venue, I know it’s going to be one for the books!  A big thank you to Allison and Eric for choosing me to capture their special day and to Ann for recommending me.  I can’t wait!

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