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Baby Lady Killer: Wynn Cook

Within about 30 seconds of my arrival at the Cook home, I felt like Lauren was a long lost friend that I hadn’t seen in years and that we were picking up right where we left off!  Call me crazy, but I could swear that baby boy was looking at me like he knew who I was too.  I can’t say that I have ever photographed a baby so young that made eye contact like Wynn did.  He just stared and stared at me!  And as I stared back at him (through my lens, of course), I literally felt my heart kind of melting.  If that is any indication of what this little guy’s personality is going to be when he grows up….  ladies beware!  This little man is gonna be a major heart-breaker!

Lauren and I had the best time at his two month old baby photo shoot and were able to capture some beautiful portraits, but since daddy wasn’t able to make it that day, we scheduled a second photo shoot for about 6 weeks later in order to photograph the family together. It was the same scene all over again at our second shoot.  I was welcomed in like an old friend and Wynn continued to work his baby charm on my heart.  That smile!  Wow.

Lauren and Dan, thank you for finding me and I look forward to being your family photographer here in Denver for years and years to come!  I hope you LOVE these images of your very special son.  Your family is absolutely beautiful, both inside and out!  I am honored to have met you all. 

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