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Baby Photographer Denver: Colin 9 mo/1yr

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Baby Photographer Denver:  Colin Cotsamire is the adorable first born son of two of my favorite clients, Tracy and Justin, who I initially met when they hired me for their engagement and wedding photography.  Since that time I have had the pleasure of seeing them every several months to document Colin with my babies first year collection which includes newborn photos, three month photos, six month photos, nine month photos, one year photos and a beautiful coffee table book loaded up with all of the best images from all of the first year sessions.  Since I am still playing catch up on the blog I decided to feature both the nine month and the one year photos together.  It amazing how much the little ones change in the first year.  At our nine month session, Colin was just becoming mobile, and at the one year session he was crawling all over the place and almost walking.  It was hard keeping up with him!  Talk about a happy little boy too!  I just love this guy!

I have said it here before and I will say it again, my babies first year collection is truly one of my favorite things to book!  Mostly because it means that I get to spend time with my clients and friends at least 6 times over the course of the year AND because it has quickly become one of the most popular offerings that my wedding clients come back to me for.  When a couple adds to their family for the first time, one of the things I have heard over and over again is that it is the slowest/fastest year of their life. Between getting adjusted to sleepless nights and learning the tricks to survive parenthood, most new parents don’t have a lot of extra time to think about booking photo shoots.  Thus the beauty of this collection!  It’s just like clockwork, every three months we connect to find a convenient time for me to come to their home (usually) to take photos and because it’s been set up in advance, there isn’t a lot of planning needed.  It’s a simple matter of a brief communication and a coordination of the calendars.

The other beautiful thing about my Baby’s First Year collection is that it includes all of the digital files from each shoot, which is not something that I normally include in my portrait sessions.  This makes it easy for my clients to simply download the entire shoot each time we meet and either have images printed themselves or to share the images on Facebook, Instagram, or to share with their family and friends via email.  While most people print out several favorites from each session to feature around their homes, it’s nice for them to also have all of the images to go back to as the years fly by.  Sometimes it’s the out-takes- the crying photos, the nose-picking photos, the drooling photos, or the foot, fist or handful of mama’s hair in the mouth photos that become more treasured than the pretty “perfect” photos as time goes by.

I have had countless clients relay to me that some of their favorite photos from our sessions are the in-between moment when the child’s personality really shines through.  And while I always aim to get the “perfect” shot, I make sure to pay attention to the things that happen in the interim as well.  As my background is based in photo-journalistic wedding photography, I find that my portrait sessions take on a more realistic approach to family life that has my clients returning to me over and over and over again.  I am thankful that my portrait business has evolved out of my wedding business because I get to take advantage of the same kind of fun loving attitude that makes my wedding clients love me in the first place.  I try not to sweat the “perfect” shot when it comes to photographing babies, and what ends up happening is that there are always a large handful of images that are, in my clients eyes, perfect.  🙂


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