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Baby’s First Year Photography Denver

Baby’s First Year Photography Denver: There’s no doubt that we love cute, sweet babies when they are first born.  It is such an honor to photograph them in their first few weeks of life.  An even greater honor, is to have the opportunity to watch them grow throughout an entire year and capture their development, growth, and personality.  Here at Frances Photography, Frances offers a “Baby’s First Year” collection which includes photography sessions at each milestone throughout a baby’s first year, including a newborn session, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year session.  Each Baby’s First Year package comes with a photo album that includes favorites from each milestone, to have as a keepsake of your baby’s first year. Frances absolutely loves the connection with her clients that she gets when client’s book this package. She gets to experience each milestone of a baby’s life and often times, a couple’s first attempt at parenting.  In fact, the majority of clients who book the Baby’s First Year package are couples who trusted Frances to photograph their wedding!  Frances literally gets to experience the happiest moments in two people’s lives; first their wedding day and then their growing family.  She gets to watch a couple get married and then start a family together!  It is an incredible and humbling opportunity. Although the majority of client’s who book the Baby’s First Year package used Frances for their wedding photography, Frances enjoys meeting new clients and building new relationships.  Heck, by the end of a Baby’s First Year, Frances feels more like the cool Aunt to the babies because of the meaningful milestones that she shared with each family over the past year.

Here are a few of our favorite photos from Baby’s First Year packages.  We bet you’ll notice some familiar faces throughout each milestone.


The most innocent, precious, and sweet stage of a baby’s life.  We’ll be honest, a newborn baby can just lay there and the photographs will be adorable.  However, it’s a lot of work to keep them happy and to make sure that they aren’t tired, have a wet diaper, cold, or hungry, in order to actually get those adorable photographs.  A lot of the work for a newborn session is the responsibility of the parents.  Frances however, is responsible for making sure that the poses for the baby are safe, since they have little to no strength on their own.  Thankfully, this comes easy to Frances as she has 13 years of newborn photography experience and is blessed to be the Aunt of a lovable niece and nephew that she had plenty of practice on when they were newborns.

BabysFirstYear 1

3 months:

By 3 months Frances will start seeing an improvement in baby’s neck strength and upper-body strength.  She she can sit baby’s upright against a couch or bed and will be able to photograph them with little to no head wobble.  At the 3 month mark, Frances can capture photos of the baby during “tummy time,” supporting their head and chest with their arms while laying on their stomach, kicking and stretching their legs.  As babies are recognizing the sound of their parent’s voices at the 3 months, baby’s parents can help Frances get the baby’s attention, in order for Frances to capture sweet, smiley photos with baby looking at the camera.

BabysFirstYear 2

6 months:

At this point, it is hard to believe that baby is already half way through their first year of life! 6 months is a really fun time during a Baby’s First Year for Frances to photograph.  Baby’s are starting to sit up alone by 6 months which makes for great pictures of baby by themselves.  Frances no longer needs the assistance of the parents holding the baby in order to photograph the baby or to keep them safe.  The secret weapon to perfect 6 month photos of baby sitting up by themselves, you ask! … using a boppy covered by baby’s favorite blanket! As baby is now smiling, laughing, and trying SO hard to communicate, Frances has captured some of the most darling photos of baby expressions at this phase.  Here are a few of our favorites:

BabysFirstYear 3

9 months:

It is unbelievable that this mobile, vocal, and curious, little human is the same bundle of joy that you brought home 9 months earlier!  As baby’s personality is really coming out at this point, Frances enjoys capturing candid moments of baby crawling, going up and down stairs, and even standing or walking with the help of mom or Dad.

BabysFirstYear 4

1 Year-Old:

Your baby is now 1 Year-Old! The last 12 months has flown by and has been an incredible transformation of growth and development.  Thank goodness you have all major milestones photographed to look back on for years to come! As baby is now standing alone and maybe even walking solo at this point, a first year photo shoot is an exciting and energy – packed session.  Frances loves capturing babies as they curiously explore and move around.

BabysFirstYear 5

Frances continues to offer the Baby’s First Year package to her clients because she genuinely enjoys the connection it brings between her and her clients.  Frances has even been lucky enough to photograph multiple children’s first year, from the same family, where of course the older sibling will make a special guest appearance in their younger sibling’s Baby’s First Year sessions.  If you couldn’t believe the growth your baby made in their first year, imagine the development between their first two+ years!



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  1. Hi how much do you charge for the baby first year plus maternity photos? We have twins also. What’s included? Thanks!

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