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Boulder Engagement Photography: Alex and Louis

Boulder is one of my all-time favorite cities for engagement photography in Colorado.  Although Chataqua park might seem like a less than ideal location for this kind of session given it’s popularity with college students and Boulder residents alike pretty much anytime of the day on any given day of the week, I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to make it seem like there is no one else around.  First of all, I always get off of the beaten path.  At the bottom of the trail head that winds upwards toward the flatirons is a great big field off to the left (if you are facing the mountain) that you can walk a short distance into.  From that vantage point, and using a long telephoto lens, I am generally able to avoid any hikers in the background, while still getting great views of the spectacular flat iron backdrop.  There are also some great fences and large rocks in that same general vicinity that have worked beautifully for my engagement sessions. I also love the long grass that grows everywhere and tend to get low to the ground so that I can shoot through them to create a voyeuristic kind of feel to a few of the images.

Alex and Louis are a darling couple getting married in March of 2015 in Aspen.  Their wedding is going to be a blend of American and Persian traditions and they are going all out!  With a fabulous A-team of Colorado wedding industry professionals (including the Perfect Petal and Calluna Events), it’s going to be one for the record books!  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Alex’s mother, Susy Shams, and I am thrilled that they have chosen me to document this extraordinary wedding celebration that will last all weekend.  I have never photographed a Persian wedding ceremony before and am beyond excited!  Even though there are still lots of details to be ironed out, one thing I know for sure is that it’s going to be a BLAST.  Is it 2015 yet?  🙂

1 thought on “Boulder Engagement Photography: Alex and Louis

  1. Susy Tallman Shams says:

    Frances is just the best! My daughter, Alex, was NOT looking forward to a photo shoot after a crazy holiday season. To make matters worse, we’d been at her younger brother’s lacrosse tournament all day and she didn’t have time to change or freshen up before we met Frances. Well, the results speak for themselves! The kids had a GREAT time! The entire shoot took about 25 minutes, and the couple was completely relaxed and happy. Is it 2015 yet???

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