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Breckenridge Wedding Extravaganza at Ten Mile Station

I know, I know, it’s nearly December and I am just now sharing my Sept. 22nd wedding.  It’s been a crazy fall to put it mildly!  But, in my defense, after four days of photography & over 10,000 images between myself, my wonderful studio manager, Julia Timmer, and my fabulous second shooter, Sarah Fischer, we’ve been literally digging out from under them all for weeks.  And, it has been worth every minute.  This extraordinary wedding weekend was truly a one of a kind! In 11 years of wedding photography, I have never seen so many spectacular details all under one roof configured with such a colorful, contemporary & vivacious style.  Ten Mile station in Breckenridge was literally transformed from a rustic outdoorsy mountain venue into a wedding wonderland more daring than even Alice would have dreamed up.  It was gorgeous inside and out, from top to bottom and side to side.  Literally.  Take that a combine it with the most spectacular fall weekend of the year.  And poof, you have pure wedding magic.

Kelly Karli, along with her darling assistant Taylor, from Frosted Pink Weddings were the extracalfragalistic executors/engineers behind our mastermind bride, Cyndi, who communicated her vision for her wedding day down to the last thread.  Design Works and LMD Productions built her dream into a reality.  And I was the lucky girl who made an instant connection to the bride within about 10 seconds of meeting her.  It was a match made from “hello.” And with a cast of over 200 people working this event and managing all of the moving parts and pieces, it went off without a hitch…well almost.  Suffice it to say that I learned my lesson the hard way regarding a certain vendor with no regard for a very precise timeline thus creating the most intense 40 minutes of low light photography following a ceremony I have experienced in my entire career.  I think I may have lost a year or two of my life that day.  And while I have always worked best under pressure… apparently even I have my limits!  But no matter, who wants to live to be 100 anyway?  😉  And in all seriousness, at the end of the day, the images are gorgeous, if I do say so myself.  Cyndi and Mike are married for happily ever-after!  I have two new friends and clients till death-do-us part. And all of the vendors involved can be proud to have been a part of such an extraordinary affair.  There isn’t a single one of us that will ever forget Cyndi and Mike Morey!!  And to the beautiful newly wed couple, I wish you all the love & happiness you deserve now and forever!  And…I can’t wait for your next big adventure…

A giant thank you to everyone who helped make this wedding a reality.  You are all absolutely amazing to work with!

  • Wedding Planner: Frosted Pink Weddings
  • Hair: Kacee Picot
  • Videographer: Pure Cinematography
  • Venue: Ten Mile Station
  • Band: Phat Daddy
  • Floral, Decor, Linens, ect: Design Works
  • Lighting: LMD Productions
  • Cake: Elegant Bakery

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