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Why you Should Have your Bridal Shower Photographed – Dallas

Why you should have your bridal shower photographed – Dallas:  Frances Photography dream team, Frances Marron and Julia Timmer, traveled to Texas a few months ago to photograph the wedding of Frances’ dear family friends, Kelsey and Brent (we’ll be sharing the photos from their incredible church ceremony and Ritz Carlton Dallas reception, soon!).  Prior to the wedding, Frances made a solo trip to Dallas to check out the ceremony and reception locations, as well as to photograph Kelsey’s bridal shower! Kelsey’s bridal shower was held at the Stay Zaza Art House & Social Gallery in Dallas.  The theme of Kelsey’s bridal shower was elegant and girly, complete with gold and navy table decor, gold sequined lace table runners, an amazing gold accent cake topped with gorgeous flowers, and the most amazing party favors for guests to take home.


A bride-to-be’s bridal shower is one of the most significant events leading up to their wedding day.  It’s a time to bring the closest women in her life together in one place, to celebrate that she finally found her soulmate, and to shower her with love, marriage advice, and things she’ll need to turn her house into a home.  Thanks to Pinterest, bridal showers are becoming more decorative, elaborate, and personalized. Here are a few reasons why we at Frances Photography, think you should have your bridal shower, photographed:

Décor and Details:  As bride’s bridal shower is hosted in her honor, it’s important that the décor and details reflect the bride’s style, not the hosts.  Personalized details can make a bridal shower even more special. I’ve been honored enough to host over a half dozen bridal showers and let me tell you, they are A LOT of work, and can get expensive REALLY quickly.  If you hire a professional photographer to photograph your bridal shower, all of the host’s hard work will be captured and even a detail that you missed at the actual shower since you were in a whirlwind, you’ll notice and appreciate when you see the photos. So much work goes into planning the perfect bridal shower.  From the invite, table cloths and napkins, name cards, gift table, party favors, centerpieces, cake and food spread, etc. Having photos of the all the details to look back on and realizing all the hard work that your closest girlfriends put in to making the day so special for you, will be a keepsake that you treasure for years to come.

Games and Activities:  What’s a bridal shower without games?!  Professional photographs of guests playing games and the bride opening her gifts offer some of the best candids of the entire shower.  The natural, unposed photos show the joy the bride is feeling and the enjoyment the guests are having by being a part of such a special occasion.  Yes, you could probably have one of your little cousins take photos during the shower, but a professional photographer will be able to capture unplanned moments when the bride thinks no one is looking. 

Guests:  Most commonly, the guest list for a bridal shower consists of the most important and special women in the bride’s life.  These women have either seen her grow and helped raise her into the women she is or have grown up right alongside with her.  It’s one of the few times that all the women who have influenced the bride’s life are in one room together.  Like wedding day, the bridal shower can go by so quickly that having professional photographs of the guests, candid and posed will help the bride have vivid memories of such a special day, in her honor. 


We loved being a part of Kelsey’s bridal shower and are all for the the hot new trend of having your bridal shower professionally photographed!



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