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Colorado Engagement Photography: Kayley & Ryan

Colorado Engagement Photography:  Colorado is known for it’s amazing weather which I can appreciate to the nth degree on most days.  However, that said, anyone that lives here knows that besides being generally fabulous, our weather is also incredibly unpredictable!  Kayley and Ryan got more than a spoonful of that sugar trying to get their engagement photos done since early this spring.  Our first appointment got rained out.  Our second appointment got snowed out (YES, a full blown blizzard in April), our third appointment was again rained out, and finally, the fourth time was the charm.  We met early on a Monday morning and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!  It was the beautiful blue sky day that they had imagined for their engagement photos at Standley Lake.  The only part we hadn’t bargained for was the mud that we would all be covered in from the previous evenings downpour.  Ha!  But, even given the mud caked to all of our shoes by the time we were done, it was worth fighting for a beautiful day!  Thank you to Kayley and Ryan for being so patient and flexible and for tromping through the mud with me to get the shots I wanted to get for you!

Kayley and Ryan’s butterfly themed wedding is going to take place on August 2nd of this year and I am so excited to work with them again!  These two love birds have know each other since high school and even though they weren’t really sweethearts back then, they have been friends ever since.  Ryan proposed to Kayley exactly one year prior to their wedding date on a Caribbean Cruise with Kayley’s entire family.  Kayley is an aesthetician and Ryan works in home remodeling and real estate, but their dream is to one day become missionaries and travel where the need may take them.  They both love living in Colorado, going to concerts at Red Rocks, and date nights at the Outback Steakhouse.  They are going to be accompanied by 7 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen and their three kiddos as wedding attendants.

Given how much fun we had playing in the mud during their engagement session, I know that the wedding day is going to be a blast as well!  August 2nd is just around the corner now.  Stay tuned for more on this couple soon!

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