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Colorado Mountain Wedding Spectacular: Kelly & Connor say “I Do!”

It’s true, I am sincerely blessed in my life and in my work, especially this wonderful summer of 2012.  The clients that have hired me to photograph their weddings this year have all been beyond wonderful to work with, and Kelly & Connor and their loving families were certainly no exception.  Kelly was as beautiful and graceful a bride as any photographer could ever hope for, and her darling groom, Connor, was the epitome of genuine and love-struck.  Besides that, it was an absolutely perfect summer day and the photo ops both inside and outside were not lacking in any degree.  Kelly’s doll-like, porcelain complexion and Connor’s bright eyes full of love and admiration left nothing to be desired from my perspective.  Never mind the perfect weather, the brilliant backdrop at the top of Beaver Creek mountain, or the incredibly gracious and classy group of guests and family members, numbering close to 300.  That said, it was a big day and a huge weekend for me. All I could do was keep my camera pointed in the direction of beauty and joy and click away to my heart’s content.

When Kelly and Connor booked me for their wedding it had a lot to do with the fact that Connor is a professional photographer himself and loved and wanted my style of photography, specifically me.  While a wonderful compliment, I have to be honest, there was also more pressure to perform my A-game. Not that I don’t always have high expectations of myself & my work, but it is a little different knowing that a trained eye would be critiquing the end result.  Good thing I generally do best under pressure!  Ha!  As a trained and educated professional, it’s a different thing to be appreciated by another creative and talented photographer, which Connor certainly is!

JoAnn Moore and her lovely assistant, Mindy, from Mountains and Meadows were there every step of the way, coordinating flawlessly, as always.  Sarah Fischer was my wonderful second photographer, and I just love everything about working with her.  Our energy combined is not “double,” but instead exponentially greater!  Thank you so much to EVERYONE that helped produce this fantastic celebration.  I am absolutely honored to have been a part of such a magnificent and magical day.  Thank you first and foremost to Kelly and Connor & their families, to JoAnn and Mindy,  to Sarah, to Spruce Saddle, Vintage Magnolia, and last but not least, the Jakarta Band.  It was truly a team effort and from my point of view, we all pulled it off flawlessly.  I only hope the couple and their families agree.  Much love and all the best for your future Kelly and Connor!  I hope to see you both again soon.  Let’s go skiing together this winter! 🙂

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