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Dylan Reberry: Newborn Photography in Denver

Paige Reberry is one of my favorite wedding planners in Denver and when she asked me to capture her second child, Dylan, as a newborn I was more than thrilled and happy to oblige!  I was also able to photograph her daughter, Whitney, at the same age a couple of years ago, so it was very special to be able to include her in some of the images with her baby brother this time around!  Working with newborns is always such a treat for me.  Even though I see lots of little babies, it never ceases to amaze me just how tiny they are in the first month.  Dylann is absolutely precious and it’s clear that he is loved more than words can say.  He has amazing parents, a beautiful big sister, and lots of other family and friends that will be there to support and cherish him for the rest of his life.  What else can you ask for really?  Oh, good looks?  Yep, he’s got those too.  Coming from Paige and Jeff, his genetic make-up is A+-grade.  One look at his big sister and you can see that Paige and Jeff make beautiful babies!

Thank you Paige for letting me capture your son at this wonderful and exciting time.  I look forward to many more sessions with your family and your kiddos as they grow up.  Love you to all and thank you for your continued love & support!  XOXO

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