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Eryn & Sean: Ft. Morgan Engagement Photography

I grew up in Ft. Morgan, a small town in northeastern Colorado, and while it’s not exactly “convenient” for me to do photo shoots there now, I often find myself thinking of places I used to drive by or hang out at that would make excellent locations for different photo shoots I fantasize about. One such photo-fantasy came true a couple of weeks ago and I am in love with these engagement photos! When Eryn emailed me and said she was hoping I could give her some ideas for a cool location that included “open spaces and a barn or something” I immediately had the image of this old barn in a huge open field that is right across the highway from the Fort Morgan airport. Besides the fact that Eryn and Sean were willing to trek out to east, I also love this couple because we connected so instantly when we met and I just knew we would have an easy-breezy time together and that I would be able to get amazing images with them. My instincts were correct. 🙂 I love it when that happens!! We met at the old barn for photos there first then wandered over to the classic rainbow bridge (a high school hang out spot for me) and finished up at Riverside park. Eryn and Sean are getting married at Devil’s Thumb Ranch on Oct. 1st and Julie Gambrell from Classic Creations will be coordinating the wedding. Considering how fab the E-session was, I am SO excited for the actual wedding day and the gorgeous images we are sure to create together! Sessions like this have me fall in love with my craft over and over again… thank you Eryn and Sean for helping me create new Art with your Life! Thank you Julie for introducing us.

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