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Denver Family Portraits: The Gorgeous Wickliff Family

I love photographing Denver family portraits!  Katie and John (and now Connor) have been loyal clients and friends since they first hired me as their engagement and wedding photographer in 2009.  Since that time I have had the pleasure of documenting so many special times in their lives.  Besides their engagement photo session in Denver and their wedding in Beaver Creek, I was also fortunate enough to follow and document their first born son, Connor, from the time that he was only a few days old (and actually even before that at the maternity session) all the way up through his first birthday.  When my wedding clients come back for my “Baby’s First Year” Collection, I couldn’t be more honored or humbled.  It’s the biggest compliment I can receive.

Just before the Holidays last year Katie called me and said it was “that time again” and we set up a time to meet at the Cherry Hills Country Club (where it all began for their engagement session) for another family photo shoot.  I had an absolute ball with them and the family dog, Scout.  Connor has grown and changed so much it’s just crazy to me how quickly the time goes…

I always love working with clients turned friends, and the Wickliffs are certainly no exception.  I love seeing them and catching up any chance I get.  And, of course, the fact that I am able to capture images of them that look like they belong in an LL Bean catalog doesn’t hurt matters.  Talk about a good looking family!  Katie and John, you better watch out…  that son of yours is going to be a massive lady killer.  Maybe we can hook him up with my niece!  She might just give him a run for his money.  LOL!  Love and Big Hugs to you all and can’t wait for the next session at your new house!

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