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Flying with Katie and Ben: Denver Engagement Photography

Have I mentioned that I love to fly??  Oh good, so I don’t have to repeat myself.  Except, oh…  oh I just want to!!!  Hot diggity dog, I LOVE to fly!  I was surely a bird (or maybe a flying dragon) in one of my past lives because the thrill of it never gets old. Flying always makes me happy… Unless of course we happen to be talking about a commercial flight with a middle seat in row that doesn’t recline surrounded by small children…  Hmm, perhaps I should clarify, I love flying in SMALL PRIVATE airplanes. Yes, much better.  🙂 Our handsome groom-to-be, Ben, is a seasoned pilot and Katie loves to fly with him (I can’t blame her- that’s so hot!).  When we met, the three of us made all sorts of plans to fly east to an old abandoned barn to do some special engagement pics with the airplane out on the plains…but the weather was determined to stop us that day. We met at Rocky Mountain Metro airport just north of my house at about 6 am and had a beautiful (albeit short) flight around boulder.  Turns out that we were blocked to both the east by low thick cloud cover, and to the west by snow-storms.  We made the most of what time we had anyway and have rescheduled the ‘big idea’, which is lucky for me because it means I get to go flying again AND complete my photographic vision with this gorgeous couple at the old barn out in the middle of nowhere.  Hurray!!  Have I mentioned I love to fly? 😉

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