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Golden Maternity Photographer: The Snow Family

Golden Maternity Photographer:  I just read on FB that my clients (and friends) Lauren and Nick’s little bundle of baby boy joy, Jack Snow, was born yesterday, August 19th at 11:18pm.  YAY!  I am so excited because not only did I get the honor of capturing their maternity photos, but I am also lined up to take newborn photos of Jack in a few short days from now.

I first met Lauren and Nick for their very special, and beyond gorgeous (that word doesn’t begin to capture it) wedding day on NYE 2011, and before that, for their engagement session in San Diego, CA.  We had an instantaneous connection and I knew that we were going to be fast friends.  I wasn’t wrong.  I spent one of the most fun NYE’s ever with them and all of their family and friends at a fabulous and wild party at the Cables Center in Denver where I couldn’t help but join in on the dance floor and get down with the guests, complete with glow necklaces, silly hats and confetti poppers.

Lauren had the most wonderful things to say about me after her wedding day!  She reviewed me on the knot and said: “Frances will be one of the best investments you’ll make if you hire her. She will deliver everything that’s promised, and more. And besides, she is the nicest, cutest photographer ever anyway, such a fun time! She has such a darling personality, and is just all around awesome! During the dancing at the reception, she was dancing with us while taking pictures. Instead of standing there awkwardly to the side, Frances blended right into the wedding crowd and captured real moments. I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding photos I will have for the rest of my life of our wedding- they are truly priceless. I can’t wait to have her shoot us in the future- any time I possibly can, because she is THAT GOOD! Babies, families, fun, anything!”

Awe, thanks sweetie!  I didn’t even see that review until a few months ago. Ha!  And it appears hat last part has certainly come true!  As soon as Lauren and Nick were expecting, I got a phone call about baby photos.  I have a feeling I will be seeing much more of the Snow family this year and for years to come.  Congratulations Lauren and Nick!  I am over the moon for you both and I cannot wait to meet baby Jack.  He is so lucky to have been born to the two of you.  You are going to be amazing parents, just like the amazing people you already are!  XOXOX

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