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Helen & Dan: Engagement Session

Helen was one of those people that I connected to instantly and I when I met Dan and the rest of the family (Dudley and Elliot) I knew we were going to be able to get amazing photos together!  Sometimes I just “know” it’s a great match and this was one of those times.  Now that I have done this photo shoot with them, I can happily say, I was right.  🙂  We had a blast and all we did was walk down the street to a little park in North Boulder for a while.  I love shooting when I get to find the shot in any given situation that I have no “plan” for.  It challenges me creatively and every time I stretch that muscle, I am pleased with the results.  So, here are a few of my favorites from our engagement session.  I am SO excited to photograph their wedding celebration very soon…

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