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Maternity & Newborn Photography Denver: Keri, Ken & Stella Blair

One of my favorite things to photograph these days are newborns!  There is something so amazing and pure and perfect about a newborn baby.  It never gets old.  And no matter how many times I meet one, I am always surprised and fascinated by how tiny they are.  I especially love to photograph a newborn if I’ve also gotten to take maternity photos, like I did recently with Keri and Ken.  Generally I don’t do the maternity photos until near the end of the pregnancy, so I get so see and feel the sheer excitement of the expecting parents and take part in their last few days before baby.  It’s such a beautiful time and I haven’t met a pregnant woman yet that hasn’t been glowing and radiant and SO excited to welcome their child into this world. One look at Keri and Ken’s maternity images and you can see exactly what I mean.

Keri and Ken told me that Stella is their miracle baby because it wasn’t until they finally stopped trying to force the issue that Keri finally became pregnant with her.   It’s not the first time I’ve heard that.  Sometimes we humans have our own “agendas” that nature/the universe/God doesn’t fulfill in a timely matter. And the harder we press, the further away that desired outcome can seem.  I personally think it’s a matter of relaxing into the unknown and accepting that we are not “in control” as much as we would like to think we are.  Baby Stella is a prime example.  She wasn’t coming until she was good and ready, no matter what!  And trust me, she has presence!  I predict a powerful and amazing woman in that little tiny child for sure.

I am thrilled to have met another fantastic couple at a brand new beginning in their lives.  I can only hope that they love the photos as much as I do and that I will be invited back again and again to capture them and Stella as she grows into her big spirit.  Congratulations Keri and Ken! I am so happy for you.  Stella could not have chosen a more loving mom and dad.  You are all in for a wonderful adventure together! XO

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