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Newborn Photography Denver: Brooklyn Woodward

Newborn Photography Denver:  The Woodwards are one of my favorite families to photograph and I couldn’t have been happier for them when I found out they were expecting their second baby girl!  Just like we did with their first born, Madilyn, Brooklyn is going to get her very own set of babies first year photos and coffee-table book done with me this year.

I fell in love with baby Brooklyn instantly!  She is so tiny, so perfect, and just like her momma, daddy, and big sis, beautiful to the core.  I love doing round two of babies first year with my clients because I also get to see the big sister (or brother) for another year every few months since of course I always want to include them in some of the photos with their new baby too.  🙂  Madilyn was so cute while I was photographing Brooklyn.  She wanted to be with us the whole time and played in Brooklyn’s crib with her stuffed babies and chattered away at us like a three dollar radio.  It was hilarious and darling.  I was literally having flashbacks to her newborn session, which wasn’t all that long ago (and feels kind of like yesterday!)

I’ve said it before about this family, but I have to say that I LOVE going to their house and seeing my photos lining the walls in every room of the house.  From Mike and Steph’s engagement, to their wedding, to the maternity session with Madilyn, to Madilyn at all stages of her 1st year of babyhood.  And now, another room will get filled with the newest addition and more family photos.  It makes my heart happy to know that my clients walk past my images of the most precious and important things in their lives every single day.

Thank you Mike and Stephanie for your continued loyalty and I will be looking forward to seeing you all again in a few short months!


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