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Newborn Photography Denver: Cooper Connolly

Newborn Photography Denver:  Newborn babies never cease to amaze me.  The tiny hands and feet, the itsy-bitsy finger and toenails, the little lips and ears, the skinny little baby bird legs… all miniature versions of what we all, as humans, have in common physically.  Somehow when I look at these things on a new baby, I am left with a sense of wonder and magic.

The idea that we all start as helpless little creatures and grow into independent little children- into anxious teenagers- into mature and functional (usually-ha!) adults, is amazing.  The circle of life is something that intrigues me and is something that I never tire of thinking about.  Capturing a newborn baby is something that just makes me feel good!  It’s not easy to put into words, but it just does.  I love to see the love in the parents eyes for their new child.  I love to see little big brothers & sisters interact with the person who has come into their life and rocked their idea that they are the center of the universe off kilter.  I love the little noises new babies make.  I love watching their sensitive little eyes get all crossed up from trying to focus out at a distance at which they are not yet developed enough to handle.  And I love seeing the joy that a newborn creates in a space where only days before that, didn’t exist.

Chelsea is a fantastically talented graphic designer, the Art Director for Reign Magazine, and also someone I am lucky to call a friend.  I met her darling husband, George, at Betsy (Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Reign Magazine) and Kevin Marr’s fabulous wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch.  Chelsea and I have gotten to know each other working together for this gorgeous publication over the last couple of years and I think she is amazing!  Not only did she just have a new baby, but she and George also have an adorable 3 year old, Trey, AND she works her butt off doing what she loves.  She gives me hope that one day I will actually be able to “do it all” too.  Love to the Connolly family and thank you so much for letting me capture this precious time and your gorgeous family!

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