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Newborn Photography Denver: Elliott Weaver

Newborn Photography Denver:  I first met the Weaver family when their first son, Charlie, was a newborn.  We took some beautiful photos of him at about three weeks old, and 22 months later, Molly and John called me back for newborn photos of their second little boy, Elliott.  It’s just amazing how fast time flies by.  It seems like only yesterday that I was photographing newborn Charlie, and now he is nearly 2 years old and walking (running) and talking all over the house.

Elliott is just as precious as can be and it was wonderful to see Molly and John again and to be welcomed back to their home for more newborn and family photos.  We had to work quick with Charlie as he wasn’t super interested in posing for me (what 2 year old is??).  But after a little patience on both my end and Molly and John’s we were able to get that sweet little baby to fall asleep and got some beautiful images of him.  I absolutely adore the ones of him on the furry white rug wrapped up in his momma and daddy’s hands.  I love the perspective of how tiny he is in relation to their hands.  It never ceases to amaze me, no matter how many newborns I see or photograph, about how tiny and helpless they are.  And to think that every single one of us started out that way…  So small, so perfect, so innocent.  And yet, we all grow up and become the people we are meant to be, one way or another.  It would be nice if we could just freeze time and enjoy those precious tiny people for just a little longer.  But alas, that is the power of photography, and the reason I stay so busy.  The moments pass quickly and if they are not captured, they are that much harder to remember and look back on.

Thank you to Molly and John for coming back to me for more precious moments, frozen in time.  🙂  I hope to be there to capture your family as both boys grow up more and more!

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