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Red Rocks Engagement Photos: Jess and Jim

Jess and Jim are dear friends of mine that have been around for lots of life’s up’s and down’s through the entire decade called our “twenties.” Phew, thank God we all survived that! Good thing too, because now we get to be 30-somethings together which is WAY more grown up and mature. Right?  😉 Jess is not only a friend, but she has also stepped up to the challenge of managing me this year (yes, me!) and as a result, I have been able to make new goals for myself, both personally and professionally, that I am SO excited about moving forward into 2011 with.  She has been instrumental in my full acceptance of the need for a team of powerful people around me.  In order to create my reality and business the way I want it to be, I need help. There is just no way to do it all alone.  Knowing what you need help with in life is not a weakness, it’s actually a strength!  So, thank you to Jess for helping me come into that space more gracefully this year,  and for ALL the wonderful things you have brought and continue to bring to my life!! Some of my more recent and exciting memories with Jess and Jim involve flying down mountains, back-country skiing & snowboarding in dangerously deep and oh-so-lovely powder fields.  More Please! XOX  Now check out these gorgeous shots of them at Red Rocks with their kiddo, Nikko, the smiling dog.  🙂

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