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Wedding Photographer Denver: She Said YES!

Hello World! Have you wondered where I’ve been?  I’m sure it’s been keeping you up nights so I will get right to it 😉 – but first, HOW is it possible that it’s September of 2015.  Really, how?  The dreaded September- the busiest month of my year.  And to clarify, not dreaded because I don’t want to do all the things I will certainly do.  It’s about the sheer volume of things in a short amount of time.  I will admit that my calendar gives me small waves of anxiety at the moment.  In the next four weeks I will photograph at least 4 weddings and 15 portrait sessions (engagement, boudoir, maternity, baby, family, senior, etc). And it’s only Sept. 2nd.  Given that, I’ve decided, in true Frances fashion, that now is also the appropriate time to tackle my new BLOG!  As a friend of mine recently commented about my life, “when it rains it pours.”  It’s true on so many levels.  But historically, when I’m busy, I actually do my best when I’m really really busy.  Abnormally busy even.

Between my home/studio renovation project that started a year ago and since then 4 new team members, a brand new website, new social media tactics and more weddings and portrait sessions than the last several years combined, my head has been spinning.  Good thing I don’t get motion sickness.

What seems like a very short year ago when I decided it was time to make some major changes to many of the big things my life, I was really scared.  Plain and simple.  But, I couldn’t let my fear stop me from pushing forward with my vision for the future even though I didn’t know exactly how I was going to get from A to Z.  I only knew I needed to get myself there and that I was going to have to learn to say YES to all the ways that would make it possible.  YES  to a new home studio.  YES to more team members.  YES to a new website.  YES to growth.  YES to change.  Like most changes, mine have not come without some growing pains.  And, I don’t think I would feel as proud about how far things have come without them.  Every part of the change was harder and took longer than I originally anticipated.  There were days that heard myself asking myself “What have you DONE?!” with the little surprised/horrified emoticon face at the end of the scream-question.  This has certainly not been a move towards simplicity.  However, it has been a move towards evolution and growth.  And THAT I can get behind every day.

So, the moral of this story is that there is still a lot going on and things continue to evolve daily, but this is my commitment speech to being BACK.  And, back to my lil’ blog! I am about to light this thing UP folks!  I have folder after folder after folder of fabulous images to share from photo shoots that have been taking place all year long just waiting for me to give some love and attention to and get on up here.  I am fully aware that the attention spans of most people (myself included) are limited at best.  If you are even still reading, congratulations, you are #winning.  I am trying out a new way of sharing images in my posts moving forward and I hope you like it.

Kicking things off in a semi-metaphorically appropriate way is a “Save The Date” photo shoot that I did for one of my 2016 wedding couples. They wanted to take a hilarious photo with their cats wearing signs around their necks that read “He Asked…” and “She Said Yes!”   Let’s just say these cats were NOT thrilled with the idea that their clever parents had for them.  In all seriousness, I laughed until the tears were running down my face.  Watching Stacey and Gideon (try to) wrangle the cat-models into position while also looking good for the camera was comedy. And me trying to be “helpful” while also taking photos of the unraveling scene was pure gold.  Humor is one of the fastest ways into my heart, so as you can imagine I am already mega-crushing on Stacey and Gideon.  Do yourself a favor and click on the top left hand image to see it bigger.  You won’t be sorry.  And please come back soon!

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Frances Marron, founder and owner of Frances Photography, is a Denver wedding photographer covering all Colorado wedding venues as well as destination weddings. Frances Photography specializes in high end wedding photography, both boudoir and outdoor boudoir photography, and fashion photography. With formal photography training and over 15 years of experience, Frances has become one of Colorado's most trusted and sought after wedding photographer.

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