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Westin Beaver Creek Wedding: Molly & Marc Delight

I am a firm believer in “sourcing.”  Getting grounded, connecting to the earth, being present, and attracting the things I want into my life are all things I consciously work on.  The best place on earth that I have found to do this kind of spirit work is in the Colorado Rocky Mountains!  Somehow the Universe knew that in order for me to survive my action packed wedding season this year, it was going to be necessary to get me to those mountains over and over again.  Apparently the lack of snowfall last winter left me needing a little more mountain time this summer.  And while I did complain (loudly) about that, you won’t hear me begrudging the summer drive to and from Beaver Creek nearly every wedding weekend since the beginning of June.  This year I booked more Colorado mountain weddings than any wedding season prior and I have loved every single one of them!  Molly and Marc’s wedding was beyond incredible!  Not only was I photographing at a fab venue, The Westin in Beaver Creek, this couple knocked my socks off with their playful spirits and their fierce love for each 0ther, for their families, for each other’s families, and last but not least, me!  I felt like I have known this couple, and Molly especially, my entire life.  Perhaps is was the way she interacted with her sister and darling niece that reminded me of my relationship with my sister and niece? Or maybe it was just her warm and welcoming charm that reminded me of a long lost soul-sister?  Regardless, I had a blast sharing this gorgeous wedding day and capturing some truly priceless moments that I know they are going to treasure for the rest of their lives.  There is no way you can look at these images and not feel what they were feeling.  I just love that!  The lighthearted and totally complete love and joy they had bursting out of their smiles was written all over their faces from start to finish.  And truly, the energy in their passionate kisses practically jumps off the screen at you!  There is nothing I love seeing or photographing more then that.   And I can’t fail to mention that this is one couple that definitely knows how to GET DOWN with their bad selves!

I also had the pleasure of working with another coordinator that I thoroughly enjoy, Carolyn Moorman and her top-notch assistant, Kay, from Artisan Events.  Ladies your work is flawless!  Funkiphino, one of my favorite local bands, rocked the house with their killer musical talents.  And Rich Vossler, a friend and colleague, shot his heart out right next to me and grabbed some absolutely stunning captures as well. Thank you so much Rich! And THANK YOU to all of the above and also to anyone I didn’t mention. It was an unforgettable day with an even more unforgettable couple.  I feel like I am the luckiest photographer in the state.  I absolutely could not ask for more lovely clients than what I have had over and over again this year.  I’m telling you, that sourcing stuff WORKS.

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