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Anniversary Boudoir: Pictures worth 1,000 words

There are lots of reasons I can think of to do a boudoir photography session.  Top among them is purely the celebration of self!  The process is a uniquely empowering experience you are guaranteed not to soon (if ever) forget.  But more and more, I’m getting inquires from brides looking for a special gift for their grooms and from wives looking for a special anniversary gift for their husbands.  And why not?  What man wouldn’t love his very own “little black book” filled with gorgeous & mostly nude photos of his honey??  Exactly….

This particular session was done as a one year anniversary gift.  When my client first contacted me, she let me know right off the bat that she was extremely nervous about the whole idea but knew that her husband would absolutely die over it.  Especially since she was convinced that he would never think she would do it in a million and one years.  Careful fellas, we women are really good at surprising you!

Like I told this client when she voiced her concerns about “being curvy,” boudoir photography, in my humble opinion, is not a literal translation of the body.  The artistry is in finding the right angel, the right expression, and the right mood, to accentuate and focus on what is beautiful about you. That’s where I come in.

I had my A-team, Erin Ferris and Jaeger Standler, on hair and make-up, pampering our darling model while I got the room ready. Once we got started shooting, I watched her final nervousness melt away as I smiled at her from behind the camera and we took a few deep breaths together.  I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a photo shoot like this one! Knowing that I helped someone do something totally outside their comfort zone is a great feeling.  When I empower others, it leaves me feeling empowered too.  Before I ever looked at a single image, I knew it was a huge success. I think I was right. Happy Anniversary you lucky guy you![oqeygallery id=223]

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