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Bridal Boudoir Denver

Bridal Boudoir Denver: As we are in the midst of wedding season, Frances Photography has been photographing lots of weddings over the past few months.  Along with wedding season comes wedding planning, which includes preparing for your wedding day look.  In the months leading up to their wedding day, brides are working out more than ever, saying “no” more often to pizza, french fries, and chocolate,  and saying, “yes” to more salads and lemon water.   Visits to the spa to get a facial become more frequent, rules are broken and brides start hitting the tanning bed, appointments at the hair salon become more regular to achieve the perfect color, and let’s not forget about the number of manicures you’ll get to make sure nails are always perfectly manicured so you can flash your bling when you get asked, “let me see your ring!”  The preparation women undergo before their wedding day is unreal! Women will go to lengths to do whatever they can to feel the most beautiful they’ve ever felt on their wedding day.   If you’re investing so much time and effort loving on yourself to get ready for your wedding day, it is the PERFECT time to have a bridal boudoir session! Bridal boudoir photography has become more and more popular over the past few years and Frances Photography agrees that it is the best gift to give yourself and your groom!  If you’re giving yourself a little extra TLC than usual, you might as well get some amazing photographs to show off your hard work! Frances, owner and Boudoir Photographer Extraordinaire,   believes, “Humans are innately beautiful creatures, especially WOMEN! It is my intent to give women of all ages, shapes, and sizes the most amazing boudoir experience they could hope for. My goal is to create images that leave every client that walks through my door feeling confident, sexy, powerful, and BEAUTIFUL.”  Here are a few of our favorite images from one of our recent bridal boudoir sessions.

BridalBoudoir 3A bridal boudoir session is the ideal gift for your groom.  Let’s be honest, he loves everything about you and that’s why he asked you to marry him- so that he could spend his life with you, admiring your beauty.  What better gift to give him before the wedding than gorgeous, sexy photos of YOU?  We know this is something that he will treasure for a lifetime.   We’re guessing that this hot little chickie’s groom probably felt like he had died and gone to heaven after seeing these stunning photos of his wife-to-be the night before their wedding day.

BridalBoudoir 2There are so many options you can do with your bridal boudoir photos when giving them as a gift.  You can order a custom photo album of your favorite photos that will be a hidden display of your images that your groom can peek at whenever he wants.  You can also send your groom the online gallery of your images so that HE can choose HIS favorites and then make an album with his favorite photos of you.  Or you can go all out and purchase ALL of the digital files from your bridal boudoir session so that your groom can hang on to every sexy photo of you, and the two of you can reminisce on your younger days when you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary.  We also love the idea of investing in the digital images of your photos as your grooms wedding gift and then having an album made for him as a first year anniversary gift. The traditional gift for the first year wedding anniversary is for the couple to exchange “paper.” –  Wink wink.  Whatever you choose, a bridal boudoir session is a keepsake that will be treasured a lifetime.        

BridalBoudoir 1Have we convinced you to book your bridal boudoir session to give your groom his favorite gift of all time? We thought so! Frances Photography recommends scheduling your bridal boudoir session approximately 2 months before your wedding.  However, we are absolutely able to work with individuals based on your timing needs, fitness goals, etc.  If you decide to have an album made, it takes approximately 4 weeks for design and production, so just keep that in mind.  Frances Photography would be honored to photograph your bridal boudoir session and guarantee that you will walk away feeling confident, sexy, and gorgeous!

Author: Frances Photography

Frances Marron, founder and owner of Frances Photography, is a Denver wedding photographer covering all Colorado wedding venues as well as destination weddings. Frances Photography specializes in high end wedding photography, both boudoir and outdoor boudoir photography, and fashion photography. With formal photography training and over 15 years of experience, Frances has become one of Colorado's most trusted and sought after wedding photographer.

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