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Denver Boudoir Photography: It’s a Party!

Denver Boudoir Photography:  Who said a boudoir photo shoot is something you have to do all alone?  Not me!  I was recently asked to photograph 5 girlfriends that had gotten together in Denver to celebrate their fearless ring leader, the beautiful Bachelorette.  The ladies had a jam packed weekend of fun-filled activities including spa treatments, dinners out, dancing around town, and you guessed it- a boudoir party with yours truly.

Since my studio was still in the process of being remodeled we booked a suite at Hotel Teatro in the heart of downtown, invited a make-up artist, and made it a whole “thing.”  The champagne flowed, the tunes blasted, and the girls took turns getting dolled up.  In the connected room next door I did 30 minute mini-sessions with each girl privately.  Not that I would have cared if they wanted to watch each others sessions, but I made sure that they could have a privacy too.  Some of the girls were a little shyer than others, so it worked out perfectly to have one space to party and another space to shoot.  I had a BLAST and I know they all did too.  And the best part? When it was all over, they were hair and make-up ready to hit the town on a Sat. night to dance their hearts out.

Now that I have my home studio all finished, boudoir parties are something I will be MORE than happy to offer any time to any group of girlfriends interested.  Is it someone’s birthday?  Do you have a bachelorette party coming up?  Just want an excuse to get the girls together to do something different and fun?  If you think this sounds like you and your favorite friends, you have come to the right place. From the perfect space to host such a gathering, talented make-up and hair artists in my back pocket, wine, champagne, good tunes, good times, and beautiful images just waiting to be created… I’m your girl!  Given that I was able to pull it off in a hotel room, I don’t have a single doubt that a boudoir party in my home studio would be off the hook!  [oqeygallery id=444]

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