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My Valentine Girls

Valentines day is all about love, beauty, and reminding that special someone exactly how you feel about them. If you’ve read any of my recent boudoir blog posts, you probably know that I have recently been focusing on the art of boudoir photography. Boudoir photography is modern, daring, and simply inspiring!  This unique form of photography is an incredible opportunity to bring out the artistic, edgy and risqué diva of any woman’s sexy, feminine and even alternative side.

Craving a new mission, I wanted to capture images that would both push boundaries and embrace the changing and evolving definition of boudoir photography. So, when Valentines day crept up on my calendar- I wanted to give women a unique and special opportunity to give their man a REAL gift. A surprising & unforgettable Valentines present that would be sure to take his breath away.

That’s why for the very first time I offered a Valentines Day Boudoir Special, which included a private one-hour photo session in an elegant hotel suite in downtown Denver. The photo-session included professional hair, make-up, along with  plenty of chocolates & champagne of course! The special offer didn’t last too long however; as five lovely ladies jumped on the idea and decided to give their Valentine something that would make their jaw drop.

As I have mentioned before, just like every woman, every boudoir photo session is different. The human body is an incredibly unique, natural and artistic form. A woman’s body type, hair color, curves and skin are all factors contributing to the style and results of each inspiring and private boudoir session. It’s not only the physical aspects of a woman that make every photo-session different however. In fact, it is a woman’s personality and style that are the most powerful influences on a boudoir photo-session. Her body language, style and individuality are all huge factors that influence the idea behind the photography and which look will suit you best. For example, our first lovely lady has beautiful curly hair, which perfectly matches her sexy and bubbly personality. Her large, bold & beautiful lips were complimented with a little red lipstick-  creating a chic and almost Marilyn Monroe look that totally she totally embraced. I had a blast photographing her as she rocked this sexy look for her hubby![oqeygallery id=125]


My artistic appetite is always eager to push new boundaries- I am fortunate enough to have such aspiration, which has successfully gotten me to where I am today as a photographer. So I was more ready than ever for my next lovely Valentine! In this boudoir session, I noticed she really knew how to move and work her amazing body. We used her long and slender curves to create an incredibly sexy and fun look- I mean she looks like a model!! I noticed how great her hair looked in the wind, so we really used the fan on her to create that fabulous look. I couldn’t be happier with these cute and sexy shots![oqeygallery id=126]


This daring and experimental boudoir photo shoot is just the beginning of my new experimental, sexy photography. I am incredibly excited and satisfied with my artistic, cutting edge, and beautiful boudoir portraits. This day was both incredibly gratifying and inspiring – as the boudoir sessions went on, I gained more and more ideas- I was ready to push the envelope! Here we have our third Valentine who wanted to do an empowering photo-shoot for herself! We had a great time capturing soft and beautiful photos. I was sure to focus on her amazing long and beautiful red hair that complimented her fair skin and breathtaking eyes. The red rose petals looked so luxurious and natural with her – love it![oqeygallery id=128]


It’s always fun to incorporate some props in boudoir sessions- especially with a Valentines photo-shoot! That’s why my Valentines number four brought along some gear from her mans favorite teams 🙂 I loved this idea and was sure to get plenty of shots to represent the Denver Broncos! Once we put this gorgeous girl in some high socks and pigtails and we were in action! She looked so cute and fabulous in this athletic style photo-session.[oqeygallery id=127]


Finally, my Valentines number five looked incredible in her bad-ass outfits and rocker style. I was sure to focus on her amazing athletic body and her fantastic curves. She brought a fantastic attitude to the photo-session and looked simply amazing. Although it was a long and somewhat tiring day, the Valentine Special was incredibly inspiring for both me and all of my fabulous Valentine girls, who left feeling powerful and sexy. I love each woman’s own unique energy and style that came forward throughout the day. [oqeygallery id=129]


I absolutely need to thank the Four Seasons of Denver for setting us up with the amazing room to play in! Furthurmore, I need to give a huge thank you to the always fabulous Erin Ferris for doing a fantastic job on all the ladies stunning hair. Also, who could forget the phenominal work Jaeger Standler did on the ladies makeup! I also have to give a big thank you to Posh, for supplying us with beautiful jewelry pieces. Oh & I guess I should thank all my FANTASTIC Valentine ladies for being so brave and amazing!! The goal of this photo-session was to build my Boudoir portfolio and create a new artistic and bold approach to boudoir photography. Needless to say, goal achieved! Whether a boudoir photo-shoot will bring out your inner diva, your edgy alter-ego, your flirtatious/cute side, or your artistic edge- it’s ALL incredibly inspirational and even quite surprising! Believe me, it will leave you with a feeling of confidence and empowerment…just ask all my Valentine Girls! XoXo 🙂 Happy Valentines Day!

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