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Denver Boudoir Photography: Bold. Confident. Beautiful. Different.

Denver Boudoir photography has been trending upward for the last few years.  The first time I was asked to do this for a bride was in 2008.  For the next couple of years it was something that I did not market or even suggest to my wedding clients, but the requests continued to come.  In 2010, my own life changed drastically in a way that resulted in my looking for new possibilities within my photography business.  Up until that point I was a “wedding specialist”, and any other kinds of photo shoots were done by request only.  I was worried that marketing portrait or boudoir photography would dilute the wedding brand I had worked so hard to build.  When I attended photography school at the Brooks Institute of Photography back in 2000-2003, there was a lot of talk about “specializing”- and the idea was that as a photographer, (or any professional for that matter) a “specialist of everything, was a master of nothing.”

I had been doing portrait work for my wedding clients over the years as their families grew.  I had been doing boudoir photography as well.  I just wasn’t telling people about it.  But… then I did.  In 2010 I changed my website and added sections for maternity photos, baby photos, family photos, and boudoir.  And to my surprise, not only did it not “hurt” my wedding photography business, it helped!  All of a sudden I was showing the world that I could do more than just photograph a wedding- that I was a photographer that specialized in PEOPLE.  Brides saw that if they hired me as their wedding photographer, I would also potentially be their family photographer down the road.  Girls interested in boudoir photography saw that I could do that AND be their wedding photographer, or their family photographer…

Which brings me to now.  Denver boudoir photography is no longer a small sector of what I do, but a staple.  I get as many requests for boudoir photography (if not more) as I do for wedding photography.  My business has increased exponentially and all I had to do was share what I was already doing!  This summer I will be undergoing a massive remodel on my own home in order to create a live/work studio space that will be geared towards the boudoir and portrait photography work that I do.  I will be taking elements from all of the locations that have worked the best and incorporating them into a space of my own. In the meantime, I still partner with several hotels for these kinds of sessions, but as of this fall, the additional cost of a hotel suite will be a thing of the past![oqeygallery id=382]



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