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Denver Boudoir Photographer: Bridal Boudoir Stunner

Denver Boudoir Photographer: This gorgeous bride-to-be wanted to create a special gift for her future husband and decided a boudoir photo shoot was just the answer.  She came to the right place as I have done tons of bridal boudoir photo-shoots and am looking forward to doing many, many more in the future,  both indoors and outdoors!

So much in fact, that I am in the process of remodeling my home to turn it into an official boudoir and portrait studio!  While this has been incredibly difficult to manage during one of the busiest wedding seasons in the history of my career, I am pushing forward through thick and thin, so that when wedding season is over this year (Not until mid- October) I am going to have an absolutely gorgeous space that will be perfectly suited for exactly this kind of thing.

While I love working with some of my favorite hotels in Denver, it adds to the cost of the session for my clients, it makes scheduling the shoots much more difficult as the day rates are dependent upon the hotel’s availability which can’t be determined too far in advance, and the options within the hotel room themselves are fairly limited, albeit appropriate.

I am in the process of building FOUR brand new boudoir options to my repertoire.  One that will be inside (The Studio Collection), and one that will be outdoors at the ranch (The Eden Collection). Thirdly, I am adding a Boudoir party option for those  interested in a boudoir shoot and party with girl-friends.  Last but not least, couples boudoir is the last thing on the list to add.  Needless to say, there are some very exciting things happening at Frances Photography in the boudoir department.  Stay tuned!

But for now, check out these beautiful images of a truly beautiful young lady….[oqeygallery id=383]

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